flagging down some coffee on the early tip...

Another successful Long Beach Swap has come to an end. After much back and forth, Mike scored a pretty decent narrow-glide front end for the new secret shop bike... Even got a wheel on the cheaps...

"run toooo the hilllllls"

Check out the guy playing "air-bass-hotdog" behind Michael... fucking excellent.

Juan being "Cubixican"


Michael's math homework...

lonely junk that didn't even make it to the asphalt...

you can't see me...

Michael & Shinya... We like Shinya.

All in all a pretty good morning:
Springer's looked at: 5
Narrow-Glides look at: 3
Springer's purchased: 0
Narrow-Glides purchased: 1
Stories about Mikes wreck: 7
Times Mike was asked about his wreck: 6
Cups of coffee: 4
Hours of sleep before show (combined): 6
Number of Mike's old friends run into: 9
Number of Johnny's old friends run into: 2
(Louie - it's always a pleasure to see you. Good luck with that seat purchase...
Deborah - wow... so excellent. it's been waaaay too long. Sorry we didn't make it to the Pike. Michael moves like a guy on crutches... I mean, wait... shit... next time...)