Mo Stuff!

Ok Affliction is giving away a bike for free in like 20 days. They asked us to build it!
they made this little video to go on there site I, thought it was cool. The music in the back ground is an old band I was in in the late 90's "Plexi".
I'll post some pic's soon.

New schwag and cool shit!!!!!


Texas to California

As Brian recently posted, we headed out to California for Born Free 3. Once we got to Burbank we posted up at Evil Spirit, where Barragan was cool enough to let us wrench on our old bikes and work out some bugs before the show. After rolling my bike off the truck, I fired it up and found that my exhaust spigot on my front panhead had completely cracked off (someones shitty repair). Barragan made one phone call to his buddy Rick and in a couple of hours, my head was tigged up and my pan was back on the road! Thanks again man. Here are a few shots I snapped at the shop.

born free and some extras.

the vice grip tejas crew rolled out to southern california for some born free and food extravaganza along the way. we kinda set up shop in the evilspirit parking lot aka: richards. i didnt get a ton of pics but heres a little of what my eyes saw...