Evil Spirit Contest Winners!

1st place: 

"Here is a pic of my best friend...Deano. Deano is a 2 1/2 year old Cane Corso who has an appetite for my wife's underwear and my socks. Yes, they both stink!. Besides eating clothing, he has destroyed multiple areas of door trim/case openings, devoured a golf ball, and ate every single present under the christmas tree last year (yes, glass ornaments).

I swear if we win the t-shirt he wont get to it! keep up the good work-"

Atlanta, Ga

2nd Place:  
"Here's my mate Johnnie
A border terrier
Always there, through the good and bad times
Rough and smooth
Lives life to the full after his near death experience as a pup
Anemia/ no white blood cells, had a full blood transfusion
Don’t leave him alone with a plate of smoked salmon sandwiches!"

3rd Place:

"This is what I came home to one morning. This is Moose Jones after a nite of well we've all been were you know you had a blast but just can't remember any details. He had a roll of dlr bills and his foot stamped from some place called the soggy dog. Hope you like moose he is my best freind in the world. I enjoy and cherish everyday with him."




You cant describe this show in words!

Having a bike to ride for the week was Fucking amazing!

NY has an energy that Ive always loved.

Moving through the city to get my bike!

Patience on the East Coast!
Long Island Sound.
Port Washington. Stayed with my Cousin.
Thanks Artie!

Josh with Patience!

One of the installation's some many great pics there!

Riding All through NY Beautifull!

Set up!

I love this Picture!

Get out of Jail Free Cards!!!!

Thank,s Wess for the invite. All the White Knights for putting on such a great gathering!
Vise Grip Matt & Nick for Coming with. Everybody else I meet along the way or got know better. JD, Walt, Josh, Dean, Matt, Caleb, Max, AJ and his Girl, (Ray, Irving , & Nick from Works Engineering). Special thanks to Nick for helping me patch my cracked frame so i could ride another day!
NY is the ultimate testing ground and i like testing!



Sweet Cocaine

Nick and I rolled in to Brooklyn just in time to give Fingers a hand with his Sweet Cocaine pan shovel. 


Brooklyn Invitational Recap Volume 2

Back from Brooklyn - Brooklyn Invitational Volume 1

We made it back in one piece and had a blast!  Thanks to everyone who helped us out along the way:  Vander, Fingers, Dean, Matt, Ray for letting us sleep in the pit of Works Engineering and a big thanks to Barragan for letting us help out with Evil Spirit.  The WKITHOK dude's know how to put on a great show, it was well worth the trip.