Evil Spirit Contest Winners!

1st place: 

"Here is a pic of my best friend...Deano. Deano is a 2 1/2 year old Cane Corso who has an appetite for my wife's underwear and my socks. Yes, they both stink!. Besides eating clothing, he has destroyed multiple areas of door trim/case openings, devoured a golf ball, and ate every single present under the christmas tree last year (yes, glass ornaments).

I swear if we win the t-shirt he wont get to it! keep up the good work-"

Atlanta, Ga

2nd Place:  
"Here's my mate Johnnie
A border terrier
Always there, through the good and bad times
Rough and smooth
Lives life to the full after his near death experience as a pup
Anemia/ no white blood cells, had a full blood transfusion
Don’t leave him alone with a plate of smoked salmon sandwiches!"

3rd Place:

"This is what I came home to one morning. This is Moose Jones after a nite of well we've all been were you know you had a blast but just can't remember any details. He had a roll of dlr bills and his foot stamped from some place called the soggy dog. Hope you like moose he is my best freind in the world. I enjoy and cherish everyday with him."

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