rollin' out...

show starts today. well, load in and pre party and all that. im exhausted, but couldnt be happier with this bike and im really looking forward to this weekend. last year at this time the bike was built. it was done. i was on shakedown days before the show when i got hit. its a year later now, a year of rehab on my leg, my whole life on hold while i learned to walk again. then i had to completely rebuild this totaled bike, most of it in a wheelchair and then crutches. i really feel like its been reborn, the bike is the same, but different. its been an amazing experience and really made a difference in what i put into it. and i can see and feel it when i look at it. and my family and friends have been so supportive, theres no way to put it into words.

heres a couple pics just before loading everything up in the trailer and heading out to vegas. nothing like a broken leg to kill the idea of fashionable footwear. if any of you make it to the show, please come by my booth and say hi. i look forward to it.


the final hour

sonny boy killed it again with the paint, thanks bro. im super stoked with how it turned out. the air cleaner is amazing too, chopper daves school of punk rock comes through again. it looks perfect and fits the bike so well. honestly i come from more of a metal background than punk but ive been immersed in it over the years through all of my friends. not to mention this bike is pure california. thanks dave. by the way if youre in need of some pure punk rock gospel, feel free to stop by and talk to Mr. Rich aka: "the performance king" next time you come by my shop, hes opening up right next door. now if i can just get Buscemi out here we will have a real collective going on. speaking of Buscemi, i just printed the newest shirt his wife briza did for me and ill have those up in the store within a day or two, ill have 'em at my booth for the artistry in iron show this weekend too, they look killer!! ill post up on it soon as well so stay tuned...

in the meantime, heres some pics:


Im on my final nights of building till the Vegas show. The bike is coming along nicely, but theres lots left to do and its the little shit that makes your back hurt. Spoke to Dave , im going to get my air cleaner tomorrow and im so stoked. Im also gonna run the cheat/death pegs, its more than fitting for this bike seeing how i nearly died on it. Sonny boy is going to squeeze me in tomorrow and stripe it -sweet!

it's been pretty therapeutic for me bringing this thing back from the dead. Tunnel vision is a lonely mans sickness! But he aint lonely cuz he's got his bike. Thanks Cristina!

a couple of those details i was talking about to tide you over till the next post....


put it over there, in front of the mill.

burning the midnight oil

i was up late last night in the working mans shop (read: the garage) and talked to michael for a bit. he was up late working on the patient pan, as i call it. Artisty in Iron is coming up in a week or so and this bike is gonna be shown. check the state its in now! followers of this blog probably already know, but this is the same bike that was totalled this time last year on a test ride just before the same show. fast forward and the bike will be back in vegas this year, the way it should be. i cant wait to see it finished. you better keep the coffee flowin man, you got a lotta work to do...

whats up y'all...

so michael and i have been friends for a real long time, since we were kids basically. he asked me to contribute to the blog from time to time which i am stoked about. i live in Austin. the capital of the great state of Texas, and ill do my best to be "interesting" while i fill you in on how we do it down here but im warning you now, probably 75% of my posts will be about food. our interests overlap and hes really helped me out a lot, certainly when it comes to motorcycles. you may recall a few posts down a couple pics of us working on my 71 shovel in the texas heat with no a/c. michael also helped me ton with my fuel injected suicide machine known as evil sporty. heres a couple pics in the meantime.

1971 FL. 80", morris mag, kick only,35mm narrowglide. open chain primary.

2007 1200 sportster. hardtailed, with EFI using trickflow racing external fuel pump and pressure regulator and numerous custom parts. this may be a girls bike, but it goes over 140mph and shoots like a rocket out of the gate.