whats up y'all...

so michael and i have been friends for a real long time, since we were kids basically. he asked me to contribute to the blog from time to time which i am stoked about. i live in Austin. the capital of the great state of Texas, and ill do my best to be "interesting" while i fill you in on how we do it down here but im warning you now, probably 75% of my posts will be about food. our interests overlap and hes really helped me out a lot, certainly when it comes to motorcycles. you may recall a few posts down a couple pics of us working on my 71 shovel in the texas heat with no a/c. michael also helped me ton with my fuel injected suicide machine known as evil sporty. heres a couple pics in the meantime.

1971 FL. 80", morris mag, kick only,35mm narrowglide. open chain primary.

2007 1200 sportster. hardtailed, with EFI using trickflow racing external fuel pump and pressure regulator and numerous custom parts. this may be a girls bike, but it goes over 140mph and shoots like a rocket out of the gate.

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