Pancho Run: Evil Sporty sighting...

Apparently Brian's been getting some miles in on his Evil Sporty. Pic taken from the "Pancho Run" as featured by the Quad Cam Bastards...


Joyride shot of Barong and Addison

photo by: Mark Kawakami

Barong and Addison at Born Free II, as found on the joyridesartco. blog... Scotty lurking in the background...



The Dragon made it to the show.
Scotty, Mike and Blake stand tall behind the efforts.

There aren't really words suitable to describe how special this show was. The world really owes Mike, Grant and the crew a very big thank you. This event had the kind of impact that doesn't really sink in until after it's passed, where each and every memory of different moments hold a unique significance.

loud fast rules. Chopper Dave and crew barreled into the show like a division of tanks.

so many conversations...

family first...

The Bolts Action Crew rolled 18-deep from SLC, UT to get to the show. Jeremy's headlight snapped off somewhere en route around Victorville so he came by our booth to swoop an upgrade before the Biltwell 500. Be sure to let us know how it worked out....

long ass neck on a long ass day...

hours of sleep before show: more-than-acceptable
mike's conversations: 79
average length of conversation: 13.39-min
cups of coffee (combined): 3
cups of coffee missed (combined): 6
raffle tickets purchased for pan-head: 2
pan-head's won: 0
percentage change something like this show will happen again: 0
Toast sightings: 1 (so rad)


Free Friday on Blake's Dragon

all hands on deck...

The day before Born Free was quite a day at the Evilspirit garage... Blake's bike had been completed for literally 2-days when the petcock decided to leak overnight. Basically that means the bike had to be stripped back down to fuck-all and completed before the show on nothings notice. Shit, we didn't even get it back from paint until Tuesday morning. Needless to say, Michael & Scotty absolutely killed it in getting it all back together in time - not to mention out of the shop by dinner time on the final night...

Here's big Al gettin it over for the first time since reassembly. Dust clouds rule.

Mike & Scotty not wanting anyone to see them catching their breath...

Al dusting the shit off his '38 Chevy coop.

Al's grill is a good grill.

ESE vs. Costco

Things were sure to get a little busy before this weekends Born Free... Mike figured it was time to stock up on some snacks... We had no idea it was going to turn into a field trip...

coffee prep + planning the assault...

here we come, motherfuckers...

"member" services... always funny...

"dave" setting the tone... this guy killed it!

anyone seen the fruit roll-ups?


generational grudge-match... check out the basket! we cleaned house!

Mike asking if Juan remembered to get deodorant...


Cycle Source Magazine - Pin-Up Of Da Month...

This month's June 2010 issue of Cycle Source Magazine features Nicky as the "Pin-Up Of Da Month". She looks great on ESE custom "Barong". Thanks to Oliver Lieber for use of the bike and to Edon Gottlieb for capturing the picture.

Cycle Source - Custom Handlebars Buyers Guide

Cycle Source Magazine ran a "Custom Handlebars Buyer's Guide" in their new June 2010 issue. We're psyched that our Custom Split T-Bars got included amongst other great offers... Our Custom Split T-Bars are all custom-made-to-order...

It's all just normal car stuff...


Taillight - as featured in Hot Bike

The new Hot Bike contains a feature of the custom Evilspirit Engineering tail-lamp.

"The taillamp from Evil Spirit reminds us of an old coffee can that's been stuffed with electoronics and bright lights. However, this ain't no tin can, this baby's made from billet and comes with a LED bulb and red lens. But if brass is your bag, it's also available."

The tail-lamp can be purchased HERE.

Battery Box feature on Cyril Huze

The Cyril Huze crew has done a feature on the Evilspirit Engineering Aluminum Battery Box.

"This one will not add much weight to your bike. If you like the look of this aluminum “holed” battery box, what can I tell you that you don’t see? Of course the size.

So, write it down. 5&7/8″X5&1/8″X 3&1/2″. Now, find the small battery fitting inside. Hint: try a small Sportster or ThunderStart one. (yes, you will have to make your own steel frame brackets.)"

The Battery Box is available for sale HERE.

Chopper Head Magazine feature on Michael Barragan & Evilspirit Engineering

Although a tad dated, Chopper Head Magazine recently posted a feature on Michael & Evilspirit Engineering. Some nice coverage of "Rabbit" & "Neptune"... Check out the features below:

Chopper Head Magazine - Evilspirit Feature / Part ONE
Chopper Head Magazine - Evilspirit Feature / Part DEUX

Barragan vs. Glasses Malone

Read the article here as featured in Chopper Head Magazine.