The Dragon made it to the show.
Scotty, Mike and Blake stand tall behind the efforts.

There aren't really words suitable to describe how special this show was. The world really owes Mike, Grant and the crew a very big thank you. This event had the kind of impact that doesn't really sink in until after it's passed, where each and every memory of different moments hold a unique significance.

loud fast rules. Chopper Dave and crew barreled into the show like a division of tanks.

so many conversations...

family first...

The Bolts Action Crew rolled 18-deep from SLC, UT to get to the show. Jeremy's headlight snapped off somewhere en route around Victorville so he came by our booth to swoop an upgrade before the Biltwell 500. Be sure to let us know how it worked out....

long ass neck on a long ass day...

hours of sleep before show: more-than-acceptable
mike's conversations: 79
average length of conversation: 13.39-min
cups of coffee (combined): 3
cups of coffee missed (combined): 6
raffle tickets purchased for pan-head: 2
pan-head's won: 0
percentage change something like this show will happen again: 0
Toast sightings: 1 (so rad)

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