Blake sent me this picture his wife took of his bike.
I'm glad he is Finally enjoying his motorcycle.

I Need Lunch

I-I don't need your company
Girls like you all come for free
I-I don't really wanna dance
Girl, I just wanna get in your pants

I-I don't wantcha to hang around
Girl I don't need ya to drag me down
Well I-I don't really wanna dance
Girl, I just wanna get in your pants

Now listen girl

You try and try
You want we're just more than friends
You cry and cry
You know i'll prick ya'in the end
Look at me that way, bitch
Your face is gonna getta punch
I said I don't need no cook girl
I need lunch

Now listen to me baby

I-you go find yourself a factory man
Girl-you were born with dishpan hands
Well I, baby, I don't need romance
You know, girl, I just wanna get in your pants

I said-I need lunch

Feed me!!


American Graffiti!

We decided to take the coupes out last weekend.
Dean made some final adjustments on his fathers 32.

English Mick and Scotty focused on my 31.

It was a cool time hanging out with everyone getting the cars ready,
eating Porto's planning future trip's.

My 31 didn't make it.
But it was awesome! I was pumped just to go fill it up with gas.
The night ended back at Mr Rich's shop where Mary orchestrated this shot.
Fucking Brilliant!


My first Big twin

Going through some old pics and found this one.
That was a good bike we did some riding.
LA to SF and back alone!
I was young. I think the year was 1990.

The Pumpkin Patch

Just a proud Dad watching my son soar

justins trophy-bird

justin has been putting this bike together in the ESE shop for some time now in between tours and the studio. he is challenging michael for the longest bike build. he may win, but it looks close.
james dean or steve mcqueen, you choose.
1956 triumph tr6. the trophy-bird.


scottys girl Lalo said goodbye. poor girl had a heart attack right in his arms. we are all dog people around here. the shit is hard to deal with sometimes. she had a good life.


taco night with mr. rich

had a little celebratory dinner to congratulate richard moving in to the shop 10 feet away from mine. we stopped at Malo for some kick ass grub. tacos and relleno were off the hook.


New threads!

theres a new shirt in the store, two actually, one in glorious black&white, and another in a fancy 4 color version. the art is by the lovely and talented briza buscemi of austin and we are very happy with the way they turned out. thanks briza!