Thanks Santa

A little over 2 year's ago the younger of my 2 Chow's Died They lived to about 18 years each.
Old for Chow's.
This Christmas Brought my family "Holley" A black female 6 month old Lab.




I saw on silver screen an actor's rise to fame
But fast car user lose
That legend's born from death and that is such a shame
'cos every year new ones appear

Why do you have to die to be a hero
It's a shame a legend begins at its end
Why do you have to die if you're a hero
When there's still so many things to say unsaid.


Moon LA!

The guys set up a good booth.

Scott'y and Angel. Looking for trouble.

Loco Locals!
I didn't think it could get any better than moon-eye,s Japan.
They didn't Have a Drag Strip!!!

Mr Rich built this Nova!

Arnie Drives the shit out of it! He almost dragged the rear bumper.

Of course this caught my eye.

Next year or maybe this summer.


David Man Show!

The show was super chill, good weather, good friends, good attendance.
Justina snapped these shots on our journey home in the coup what a trooper she is Total Veteran Hot Rodder, Like Royalty. The ride home was beautiful, my coup ran Tit's!!
This guy and his chick were cool. look at em, living the dream!
"Women and Children First"

And there Off!

Call home

Gas up!
The crew of rider's



So I went to Japan this year for the Mooneyes bike car show. It was amazing on many levels. The crew of builders and builder guest's was a solid group. japan it's self is an amazing place I still cant believe all i saw and experienced. The people the food the city "The Bee's Knee's".
Room with a view
Big Chief "Tattoo Money"

Ian giving Robert William's the 2 peny tour of the Kestrel.

Heckle and Jeckle
The ride in From the dock

The crew


Jeff and the Space Ranger

Always heard about the parking lot bikes.

The ride to H.C.C