vice grip run

i really wanted to make the mooneyes show with michael, but i just had too much going on to take the time off. i did however, take the weekend to make a little run down to the coast. the trip was a blast and hats off to vice grip for putting together some good times. i took very few pics this trip but matt from vice grip is a pro and i got some from him to post up. we rolled out with 8 or so, picked up a few along the way, and met up with rouser rob, slovy, mike from cheap thrills and a couple others when we got to corpitos. the ride back was plagued, broken chain, broken belts, battery problems and a generator issue. and i was the one who didnt think we needed a chase truck. i had a ton of fun regardless. heres a few pics, and i put up a few on my other blog here.

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Matt Jackson said...

The picture of you sitting in the back of the truck is my favorite of the weekend, I think Janna took it with my camera haha.