Free Friday on Blake's Dragon

all hands on deck...

The day before Born Free was quite a day at the Evilspirit garage... Blake's bike had been completed for literally 2-days when the petcock decided to leak overnight. Basically that means the bike had to be stripped back down to fuck-all and completed before the show on nothings notice. Shit, we didn't even get it back from paint until Tuesday morning. Needless to say, Michael & Scotty absolutely killed it in getting it all back together in time - not to mention out of the shop by dinner time on the final night...

Here's big Al gettin it over for the first time since reassembly. Dust clouds rule.

Mike & Scotty not wanting anyone to see them catching their breath...

Al dusting the shit off his '38 Chevy coop.

Al's grill is a good grill.

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